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 Nissan Patrol in Australia


From those days where the Patrol would put your back in after a hard night , to the luxury and technologically savvy days of today the Nissan Patrol is finding is way back up there in popularity.

You are either Nissan or Toyota  but in recent years practical buyers have swung back to Nissan.

Quality drivability and city type features have lured back some of those heady 80 series Toyota owners whom in the late 1990s turned off and tuned out to the  then newly released 100 series.

It would appear on the surface that Toyota still hold a great deal of the culture in rural Australia and Nissan Patrol popularity  tends to be with the sometimes fickle city markets.

The grey nomads are seen more and more haunting showrooms of Nissan looking for that comfortable tow vehicle to hook the old caravan up too.

If you ever get the chance speak to a nomad with a van and ask him  or her what he thinks of his Nissan Patrol  you will be going a long way to hear valid complaints.

Recalls Nissan patrol Australia

Ask the average  and the answer may lie in the engine. That's if you have the 4.2 intercooler Turbo Diesel or even the 4.8 Petrol. The 3.0 turbo diesel I would have to say that the Mr. average jury is out  possibly still reeling from the popular as the plague 2.8 of the late 90s.



2008 2009 Nissan Patrol (see test track video)

 For these years the patrol  was about Revision  The time had arrived for a re think  and this was the model PATROL.

The Turbo Diesel line up now consists of the 5 deat DX wagon, 7 seat ST, ST-L and Ti .

Petrol , 7 seat ST, ST-L and Ti

The ST now has the 4.8L petrol variation ST-S is discontinued.

Other than some cosmetics the Patrol boasts ABS anti locking Brakes as standard except the DX. The 4.8 petrol as we swelter in high fuel costs  produces 180 kw at 4800 rpm but what is impressive is the Torque 400Nm at 3600 rpm. Add the 5 speed auto box with the sequential manual shift mode and this four wheel drive Nissan need to be taken notice of.

Compare the ZD30 3.0L Turbo diesel and you will find less torque than the petrol but note its 380Nm is delivered at 2000rpm and here well consider the fuel economy.

Wheel articulation for the car geeks show what a vehicle this is off road: quote  (car advice. com. au)

"Itís off road credentials are where it shows its true form with the ability to climb a 39-degree gradient and tackle 700mm-deep water crossings. Beam axles with coil springs front and rear allow excellent wheel articulation over the roughest terrain, while the auto-locking front hubs (on ST, ST-L and TI models), long suspension travel and generous ground clearance all contribute to the Patrolís formidable off-road ability"

Nissan Patrol Walkabout

Limited edition 2008. Available as a DX manual and a Patrol DX Automatic

Extra value adds to this already well appointed vehicle approx $7000  according to Nissan. New price  $49990.

Not every one will get the chance on one of these as production is limited to 275. Engine size 3.0 CRD

Extras include

  • 16 inch alloy wheels
  • 6 stack CD player
  • Side steps
  • Snorkel
  • Alloy Bull bar
  • Tow bar
  • Cargo Barrier
  • Walkabout decal
  • $2,000 worth of camping equipment
  • On Top of DX Standard Features

Nissan Patrol 2008 walkaboutPhoto thanks to Nissan


Unless you are a brand follower this Nissan Patrol for the 2008 market is superb both on and off road.

Given the kids to the beach test I can assure you space refinements and comfort are top of the list.

Ask the wife test and you get a thumbs up . Nissan Patrol 2008 looking forward to 2009.

Nice Patrol Video


Inside the new Ti

On the test track and checking out the 2008 Nissan patrol 4x4 ability.



Nissan Patrol for 2010

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