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Buying a new Four wheel Drive 4x4

New  its all pretty easy do your research and then do some more , In the maze of assorted  4x4 vehicles it may just be one maybe two if you are lucky that will fit the criteria you are considering..

Point to keep in mind when purchasing a four wheel drive

  • Price
  • size
  • 4 wheel drive  ability
  • passenger comfort
  • resale
  • service and spares
  • fuel consumption
  • features

Each point will  be a volume in itself but seriously as mentioned earlier 4 wheel drive vehicle are now purchased by people wanting a multipurpose vehicle.

This vehicle has got to pay its way , It must perform the every day use, ask these questions

  • can I park this vehicle?
  • am I able to see safely around the vehicle?
  • can I afford the up keep of the extra fuel usage?
  • will I every use the 4 wheel drive option?
  • can my family/passenger be comfortable?
  • will it do what I want? ( towing , recreation etc)

A good example is the retiree  now with a little cash and a bit of well deserved time  purchasing the dream caravan only to discover that a four wheel drive may be the only alternative to tow the home away from home.


In the market place it is common to find good low KM vehicle that have been purchased for this reason only to find the original purchasers trading in because the vehicle didn't suit their life after the  caravan or trip.

It happens and money is lost.  Visibility is another reason why people opt out of their 4x4 early . High rear  ends and front bonnets  plus the fact they are higher than the average vehicle  does restrict visibility under normal driving situations.

Test this by placing a bucket or similar object in front of the vehicle  close to the bumper then in your normal seating position reverse back until you can see the object. You will be amazed the distance traveled before actually viewing the item. Try the same in the family car and see the difference. Its sad and tragic the accidents that happen in peoples own yards with small children because of this point. However the  4 wheel drive must have this  if it is to work in a  off road capacity.

Passengers and special attention to small children when seated is important. Some well know vehicles  have no space whatsoever for rear passengers and the three rows of seats can sometimes be very restrictive for those in the back. Test this as it is a costly mistake  if not suitable.

Four wheel drives will use extra fuel, They logically have too. They are usually heavier and have different gearing. Manufacturers are very keen to offer a good fuel consumption but consider if you want to tow that 3 tonne boat  fuel consumption will not necessarily be your first consideration.  When considering a tow vehicle  or work horse  if you must really consider fuel consumption of the vehicle  you may wish to re think maybe  the item you want to tow or the work you wish to give it.

bmw 4x4 X5 Luxury 
Other considerations that can be incorporated here  is really the style of engine you may have the option with. A choice of petrol or diesel  may be  a prime point  and yes here fuel consumption between the two options is different.

Make purchasing your vehicle a fun thing to do and don't get bogged down with your best friends mate and what he may think  when its you choosing for your lifestyle. It sound ridiculous but its like  finding the family pet.

Research, and test  then research and test again. Most new car dealer are happy to accommodate your requests if you are reasonable  in asking.

I hope this has maybe given you just one point of consideration on your new purchase that will make ownership a pleasure for many years to come.

Ford Territory 2011 4x4


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New Holden Colorado  
Buying a 4x4 in 2011 is for the first time just a little different from previous years, markets have slowed and manufacturers are not putting in the same effort into development as they did in previous years 

The basic rules still apply but consider that bargaining now is much more a acceptable form of negotiation especially with dealers and some private sellers. Auctions have slowed as vehicle numbers have decreased. Demand has slowed and yes with the negativity of 2008 , 2009 four wheel drive buyers are not in the most revered of public figures especially the large 4x4 city vehicles. New enthusiasm has developed in recent years and 2010 was a good sales year. 

If its one of these vehicles you require don't feel that you are sending the world into a global catastrophe with green house gases. In most cases with a large family these vehicles are all there is in the market to choose from.  Manufacturers have designed it that way.

If it is in your price range, it does what you want it to do, purchase if satisfied. But be aware that if you purchase a large 4x4 in today's market resale may be poor especially in the first 2 years so choose carefully.


Water damaged Vehicle warning from 2011  Flooding

  Be aware of water damage from flooding as many vehicles will be filtered through varies sales systems to dispose of them via insurance companies and private  sellers. This process  is usually staggered so as not to flood ( no pun intended) the market. Don't think that buying a vehicle in  western Australia in December 2011 you will not  have to worry. Auction houses acting on behalf of insurance companies will store and move stock around  to increase saleability.

Especially be careful of  vehicles with no service books or new replacement books.

Caution of Queensland, Victorian history even though they may be registered in another state.

Check under dash and seats for rust and mud silt ect. Its very difficult to detail under a dash unless it is replaced. Lift up the carpet and check for  mud residue.

Check chassis rails although these are usually pressure blasted when detailed.

And if something doesn't look right, smell or feel it usually isn't. Smell is important .The Floods in Queensland especially  carried with it a smell that will never be masked  if seats and carpets  have been effected. Question if carpets look new and have been replaced.

If you discover its flood effected  the choice will be yours then to decide. Water in any vehicle is damaging and the long term effects if parts are not replaced can be heart breaking.

Ford Territory 2011 4x4

Nissan Patrol for 2010

Nissan Patrol 2008 2009

Suzuki Vitara 2008 /2009

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